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Effective March 15 through April 27th, Boulder Spanish will move all classes online, and where possible, teachers will be able to work remotely. These efforts are being taken with the goal of reducing the probability of spreading COVID-19. After this initial period, we will review the situation with teachers, students and staff and consider any new recommendations from Boulder County and the State of Colorado.  We will communicate with you by email again to let you know how we will proceed with classes at the end of this initial period.

Boulder Spanish will be using the Zoom application to conduct its online classes.  For current students, please go to your class on the calendar and click on the class.  A link to your Zoom online class will pop up. Click the Zoom link.  Depending on how your computer is set up, you might be taken directly to the class, or you might need to download the Zoom application to your computer. For new students please click here to register for our online April classes.

If you have any questions or need extra support to access your classes, please contact Meg at 303-668-1320

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With an initial consultation, we’ll help you decide which level and class type is right for you. When you are ready to begin your journey with us, you can enroll in an 8-week class package. We offer an all-inclusive and highly personalized learning experience to every student that walks through our doors, with an unparalleled combination of benefits and resources. Boulder Spanish is fully committed to supporting you and we’re confident you won’t find the same kind of flexibility and variety of services anywhere else!

All students officially enrolled are entitled to:

  • The option to attend as many group classes as you like. 
  • Free access to our special classes and events happening throughout the month. 
  • Learn from some of the best language teachers in Colorado.

Learning a language takes time, hard work and dedication. To maximize your results, we ask you to put your heart and soul into this process. Our students become part of the Boulder Spanish community and find that they gain new friends and opportunities as their Spanish language skills grow! We look forward to socializing and learning with you!

Boulder spanish does a fantastic job of not only teaching the language but also teaching the culture of the many latin countries. They do this while making each class interesting and fun!
of all students notice significant progression after just one week.
What our students say
Sally Creevy

This Spanish school is excellent. Varon makes each class interesting and challenging. We have had several guest teachers sharing their lives and passions from their native Spanish speaking countries.

Randy Morgan

I have been taking weekly Spanish lessons from Varon for over a year. Sometimes in groups and more frequently one on one. He has successfully brought together students who are really interested in learning Spanish, but also enjoy learning from one another. Varon is terrific!

Glen Stocking

Boulder Spanish does a fantastic job of not only teaching the language but also teaching the culture of the many latin countries. They do this while making each class interesting and fun!

Lisa Marie

By far, the best language course I have taken yet! Not only am I learning theory, I am learning how to communicate and use my Spanish in a practical way that will be useful for my travels and in my job. Highly recommend Varon and Boulder Spanish.

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