“I started taking Spanish lessons through Boulder Spanish via zoom last month. The instructors are great, very patient, and most are native Spanish speakers. I’m doing a group class, and private tutoring, and I’m enjoying both. I’m looking forward to speaking Spanish well enough to participate in their Culture classes as well, which include things like cooking classes, or watch parties (all in Spanish of course). I’m especially happy with their focus on conversation, and being able to communicate in Spanish in real-life situations… 


“Boulder Spanish has been such a treasure during the pandemic for me. Varon and his team have been so welcoming, even when I moved 3 hours away. Varon puts a lot of consideration into his specific classes and is always providing interesting ways to learn Spanish. I’ve made friends out of the class I’ve been attending for the last 9 months. I highly recommend working with Varon and attending one of the many classes available during the week.”


Video Testimonial



1- Comunidad: Unlimited online group classes per month $165

2- Individual: Five private classes online $299

3- Intensivo: 1 month unlimited online group classes + 5 online private classes $449


1- Comunidad: Eight weeks of in-person classes $349 (1x per week)

2- Individual: Five private classes in-person $299

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