Basics of Watercolor


Basics of Watercolor

with Rudy Navarro
Thursdays at 6 pm starting Sept. 24th

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Lesson Plan 

You will learn the characteristics of the materials (pigments, brushes and paper); how to prepare (stretching) paper, the proportion of water-pigment;  complete practical exercises to handle the watercolor. You’ll apply what’s learned completing simple tasks:  one color and multi color watercolors (dead nature and landscapes)

Requisites: No previous knowledge needed, nevertheless, to know how to to paint or draw will help get better results.

Materials you will need: 

  • pencil HB or mechanical pencil .5 HB 
  • art gum or kneaded eraser
  • tube watercolors, case of 12 or more colors, brand of your choice
  • block of watercolor paper 24×32 cm (9×12 inches), or similar, of 210 or 300 gr, 30-25% cotton and 75-70% cellulose
  • round watercolor brushes of white synthetic hair, taklon or natural, numbers 6 and 12
  • palette for watercolor 
  • two small containers for water
  • masking tape 1 inch
  • microfiber or cotton rag
  • paper napkin 
  • support panel that allows you to tilt the block approximately 15 or 20° (it can be a an object long enough to hold it and keep it stable)





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