1- It’s been many years since I last studied Spanish and I don’t know what level I am. What should I do? Boulder Spanish offers free consultations online or in person to everyone interested in studying Spanish. Follow this link to schedule your assessment. 

2- I want to start now! How does it work if I want to start in the middle of a class session that is in progress? Boulder Spanish has a variety of classes at different levels every week and you don’t have to wait to start taking classes. We have the ability and flexibility to place any student into a class that is in progress. Follow this link to schedule your assessment.

3- Can I try a class before paying? Boulder Spanish offers free classes and meetups you can attend to get to know the classes and its instructors. You can find all our free events here

4- Do you have classes for children or teenagers? Yes, we offer both group and  private classes for children and teenagers online. Contact us to know more.

5- Is there a discount if my spouse and I want to take a class together? Normally our classes are small and we cannot offer discounts to couples at this time. 

6- If these classes don’t work for me, do you offer a refund? We offer a 100% refund of your money if you are not happy with your first class. 

7- When is your next session? We start new sessions at the beginning of every month. But if you want to start now, we have available classes you can join.

8- Can you teach classes to a private group? Yes, we can assign an instructor to go to your work or business. We can also organize private group classes to take place in one of our classrooms. 

9- What type of events does Boulder Spanish organize? We organize meetups, conversations groups, parties and community get-togethers. 

10- Do I need to buy a textbook? No. Currently all materials are digital.

11- How much homework is there in the classes? The amount of homework is customized depending how much time the student has to study. 

12- Are all instructors native speakers? Yes

13- How many students are there usually in the classes? 6-10 per group

14- What happens if I have to be absent? We offer the opportunity to make your classes up. 

15- Where do the classes take place? Currently all classes are in Boulder, CO and online.

16- How much do the courses cost and how long do they last? $399 for 10 weeks of In-person classes with the option to continue; $150 for five 60-minute group online classes per month. Privates $320 for 8 classes per month.

17- Do you give quizzes or tests? We have tests available upon request.

18- Are the classes grammar or conversation based? We focus on both the mechanical and immersive aspects of learning the language.