1- It’s been many years since I last studied Spanish and I don’t know what level I am. What should I do? Boulder Spanish offers free consultations online or in person to everyone interested in studying Spanish. Follow this link to schedule your assessment. 

2- I want to start now! How does it work if I want to start in the middle of a class session that is in progress? Boulder Spanish has a variety of classes at different levels every week and you don’t have to wait to start taking classes. We have the ability and flexibility to place any student into a class that is in progress. Follow this link to schedule your assessment.

3- Can I try a class before paying? Boulder Spanish offers free classes and meetups you can attend to get to know the classes and its instructors. You can find all our free events here

4- Do you have classes for children or teenagers? Yes, we offer both group and  private classes for children and teenagers online. Contact us to know more.

5- Is there a discount if my spouse and I want to take a class together? Normally our classes are small and we cannot offer discounts to couples at this time. 

6- If these classes don’t work for me, do you offer a refund? We offer a 100% refund of your money if you are not happy with your first class. 

7- When is your next session? We start new sessions at the beginning of every month. But if you want to start now, we have available classes you can join.

8- Can you teach classes to a private group? Yes, we can assign an instructor to go to your work or business. We can also organize private group classes to take place in one of our classrooms. You can find more info here.

9- What type of events does Boulder Spanish organize? We organize meetups, conversations groups, parties and community get-togethers. 

10- Do I need to buy a textbook? Textbooks are optional and they are $30 per level or $50 for the full edition.

11- How much homework is there in the classes? The amount of homework is customized depending how much time the student has to study. 

12- Are the instructors native speakers? We have the best of both worlds, native and non-native speakers. 

13- How many students are there usually in the classes? The magic number is 6 people, but occasionally we have groups of 8-10.

14- What happens if I have to be absent? We offer an unlimited class program, so if you cannot come to a class, you can come another day. Look at our calendar for ongoing classes. 

15- Where do the classes take place? Currently all classes are online.

16- How much do the courses cost and how long do they last? We have a monthly membership program for $165 per month to fit the learners’ needs and time constraints. We encourage each learner to progress beyond the first month period and can successively adapt the modules to learners’ increasing language proficiency.

17- Do you give quizzes or tests? We have tests available upon request.

18- Are the classes grammar or conversation based? We have adapted our curriculum from classical and modern methodologies so that the student will have the best of all worlds.

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