Group Classes

Boulder Spanish is inviting you to experience an exciting new approach to learning Spanish. Utilizing proven principles designed to avoid confusion and information overload, these classes will have you speakingunderstanding, writing and reading Spanish quickly and easily. We have synthesized and refined the essential elements of the Spanish language into 6 distinct skill levels: Beginner / Beginner 2 /  Beginner Plus / Intermediate / Intermediate 2 / Advanced.

Each level is designed to strategically guide you through the vocabulary and grammatical structures necessary to build a solid foundation of comprehension and linguistic ability. As you progress, you will encounter a unique, interactive approach that presents information within the context of conversation, which will greatly enhance your ability to learn and retain everything you have learned in class. If you have been frustrated in the past with Spanish classes that have left you feeling unable to use what you’ve learned, or have been overwhelmed by the mechanical memorization of lists of phrases without proper context or application, then you owe it to yourself to give these classes a try!

NEW 8-WEEK SESSION:  March 2nd – April 26th 2020

NEXT 8-WEEK SESSION:  April 6th – May 31st 2020

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For anyone starting from ABSOLUTE ZERO who is ready to start their Spanish learning journey.

Materials Included


For anyone who has taken previous beginning Spanish classes or studied another Romance language.

Materials Included


For students who have taken previous beginning Spanish classes and are able to communicate well in the present tense.

Materials Included


For anyone who has taken previous beginning Spanish classes and wants to carry on a conversation without using any English.

Materials Included


For students who have taken previous intermediate Spanish classes and can use preterit and imperfect tenses effectively.

Materials Included


For anyone who wants more opportunities to practice and improve their Spanish. The only way to be fluent is constant practice!

Materials Included


Eager to get started? We have classes currently in progress. Check out our calendar or contact us to find out more.


With an optional initial consultation, we’ll help you decide which level is right for you. When you are ready to begin your journey with us, you can enroll in a 8-week class package. We offer an all-inclusive and highly personalized learning experience to every student that walks through our doors, with an unparalleled combination of benefits and resources. Boulder Spanish is fully committed to supporting you and we’re certain you won’t find the same kind of flexibility and variety of services anywhere else!

All students officially enrolled are entitled to:

  • The option to attend any class offered by Boulder Spanish, at no additional cost.
  • The opportunity to schedule makeup classes anytime you find yourself needing to miss a class, at no additional cost.
  • Free access to our special events and other activities that happen throughout the month.

Learning a language takes time, hard work and dedication. To maximize your results, we ask you to put your heart and soul into this process. Once you realize how much progress you’re making, we’re sure you’ll want to continue attending classes to refine your Spanish language skills.