Which class is best for me?

Are you interested in joining Boulder Spanish but aren’t sure which class to take?

You can take an oral language assessment to help place you in the class that best fits your needs. Not only can we get a feel for your language level, but it also gives us the opportunity to get know you better and understand your goals for language learning. Schedule your assessment with us today

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For anyone starting from absolute zero who is ready to start their Spanish learning journey.

Our Beginner level Spanish class is an immersive class for complete beginners. This class is great for individuals who are starting completely fresh and have never studied Spanish before, or for those individuals who have studied Spanish in the past but want a fresh, clean start to their language learning practice. In the Beginner level, we teach our learners how to greet each other and introduce themselves in Spanish as well as be able to conjugate regular verbs in the present tense, talk about themselves (who they are and what they do), as well use a couple tricky irregular verbs like ser and estar.


For anyone who has taken previous beginning Spanish classes and wants to carry on a conversation without using any English.

Intermediate 1 is a great immersive class for learners who have either completely Beginner Plus class with us or are entering the program with previous Spanish use or experience. In the Intermediate 1 class we ask that our learners be able to talk about all the items mentioned in the Beginner Plus level as well as be able to conjugate irregular verbs like tener, venir, ir, ser, and estar with ease. We also like our Intermediate 1 learners to be able to use reflexive verbs and conjugate in the Present Progressive easily.


For anyone who wants more opportunities to practice and improve their Spanish. The only way to be fluent is constant practice!

Being our highest language level, the Advanced class welcomes learners graduating from the Intermediate 2 level as well as new learners who have had substantial Spanish practice and/or experience. Many learners in the Advanced class have spoken Spanish at a high level before and are seeking practice or are learners who have traveled to a variety of Spanish-speaking countries and are looking to refine their skills. In the Advanced classes, we read short stories and books together and push our learners to expand their vocabulary, properly use compound sentence structure and irregular verb forms, and the subjunctive present and past tenses..


For anyone who has taken previous beginning Spanish classes or studied another Romance language.

In our Beginner Plus level, we ask that learners feel comfortable with the all the material outlined in the Beginner level. This means a learner entering the Beginner Plus class should be able to talk about who they are, where they’re from, and conjugate regular verbs in the present tense fairly easily. The Beginner Plus class is a great option for folks who have taken Spanish previously and have some key concepts under their belt (i.e. common expressions, gendered nouns, etc) but aren’t quite comfortable speaking and have a limited vocabulary. Within a Beginner Plus class, we will teach you all the essential conversation starters in Spanish and begin to learn more complex tenses like Present Progressive and irregular verb forms.


For anyone who has taken previous beginning Spanish classes and wants to carry on a conversation without using any English.

Just a step up from Intermediate 1, our Intermediate 2 levels hones in on conversational practices and refines learners’ pronunciation and expands their vocabulary. Learners entering an Intermediate 2 class should be able to use the irregular verbs discussed in the Intermediate 1 level as well as be comfortable using the preterit and imperfect tenses in Spanish and have a good understanding of reflexive, indirect, and direct object pronouns. The Intermediate 2 level focuses on expanding conversational skills and pushes learners to have more in-depth conversations about their lives and experiences.

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