Private Classes

Get Spanish out of your head… and into your life!

Wishing you could recall the exact Spanish words and sentences you need, exactly when you need them? Looking for a practical — but fun! — way to stop thinking about Spanish and start speaking it with total confidence? 

Private lessons are the single best way to learn. 

Imagine a personal language expert championing your progress… working alongside you to help you absorb and use more practical Spanish. 

Whether you need to learn from scratch, brush up, or keep the language fresh, we get it. Sometimes you need a quick fix for “survival Spanish”! At other points, you’ll find you’re ready for the “mental gymnastics” of language mastery. We can help you find total mastery… or just find a bathroom while on travel. Wherever you are on your Spanish language learning journey, we’ve got you covered. 

We’re here to help you reach your personal goals.

Results come fast when you work one-to-one with highly vetted, qualified instructors. Lessons feature custom vocabulary words and exercises tailored to your situation—so you learn exactly what you need, at the moment you need it.  

We structured our private lessons this way because we know, as second language speakers and entrepreneurs ourselves, what it really takes to accelerate language learning. We understand the challenges and joys of communicating well when it’s not your native tongue. 

After registering, we will contact you to set up your private lessons

You’ve probably tried other language-learning techniques. 

You may have tried other things to learn or Spanish. Plenty of apps, recordings, and classes exist. If these methods leave you wanting more — more accountability, more personalized support, and more interactive learning opportunities — that makes sense! Tools and techniques can only take you so far.  Supplemental materials are no substitute for personal instruction. 

Reaching fluency is a journey, but becoming functional and conversational can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time… with the right focus and support. If you want to become truly conversational, you will benefit from a personal approach. 

Sample a one-on-one session with an experienced teacher to begin.  

Private lessons give you the attention and time with an instructor who is dedicated to immersing you in the language and culture. Come to private lessons with your own goals. Or, describe your needs and let us design a custom curriculum and materials to meet your desired outcomes.

Not sure about private instruction? Try it! 


You won’t regret signing up for private lessons. We provide excellent customer service and special perks.

After registering, we will contact you to set up your trial private lesson


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