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Verb Conjugator


Apps and sites you can use to start practicing and learning Spanish: Conjuguemos: Learn conjugations through interactive games

Check out this database of newspapers and magazines from around the world (en español, of course!): Todos los periodicos diarios en español alrededor del mundo. Noticias e información diaria de México, España, Venezuela, Perú, …

Tune into Destinos, a Spanish telenovela that allows you to learn and practice Spanish at the same time! Watch the complete Destinos series, practice your Spanish, and find new resources for learning and teaching Spanish.

Quizlet: Check out Boulder Spanish’s very own Quizlet account to learn vocabulary pertinent to our book and classes: Learning Tools and Flashcards

You can use LyricsTraining on your phone or computer to learn Spanish through your favorite artists and musicians! Learn Languages Through Music and the Lyrics of Your Favorite Songs

SpanishDict is a great online dictionary and translator for English-Spanish or vice versa: Translate Spanish or English

The Spanish Experiment: Get basic Spanish lessons and read stories: Free Spanish lessons and children’s stories in Spanish

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