Spring 2020 Newsletter

Keep up with what Boulder Spanish is doing in response to COVID/19 and how  we are bringing Spanish online classes to you.

Boulder Spanish is now offering new CULTURA classes online!

As many of you already know, in order to protect the health of the Boulder Spanish community in response to COVID-19, all of our classes are now offered remotely using the “Zoom” application. Classes will continue to be held remotely until at least May, 2020.

Here is how Boulder Spanish will structure its online classes in April:

For students who are registered in the 8-week session for March and April and have already paid, we are still offering you unlimited online classes for the month of April, including 4 new fun Cultura classes (see below) that we are adding to the calendar. This also applies for all membership holders. It is important to keep social connections while we are “social distancing;” practicing and speaking Spanish with your Boulder Spanish community will help keep your brain active and your days upbeat!

For new or returning students who are not registered in the March/April session, please join us for online classes in April. We are offering you unlimited online classes, including our 4 new Cultura classes (see below), for $165. You can register here

Check out our new Cultura classes below:

• “Charlas sobre España.” by Marta Navarro: Join Marta, as she explores the history and culture of Spain. Zoom in to practice your Spanish and learn about la cultura española. All levels welcome. Every Tuesday in April at 10:30am.

• “Cocinando con Varón.” Join Boulder Spanish’s founder as he cooks up a fiesta of dishes in his home while you cook with him in your home! The first meal you cook “together” will be Quarantine Tacos – no shopping required! Discover hidden gems in your fridge and freezer and join Varón as he makes tacos from whatever is already available in your home! Future recipes and dishes that you prepare together will be announced at the end of each class. Practice your Spanish and speak with your fellow Boulder Spanish classmates. All levels welcome. Every Saturday evening in April at 5:00pm.

• “Club de Libros con Miriam.” Miriam will be leading an online book club to practice your Spanish, engage with fellow Boulder Spanish students, and take a break from “socially distanced” life. For Beginner and Intermediate levels. Every Saturday afternoon in April at 12:00pm.

 • “Noches de Mezcal” by Javier Acevedo. Join us on a weekly online informal get together to talk about life, philosophy and alcohol every Thursday evening in April at 7:00pm. For Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Please stay safe during this time. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have. We can’t wait to see you all on Zoom!



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