Top 10 Podcasts for Spanish learners

Check out Boulder Spanish’s recommended podcasts for Spanish learners!

CoffeeBreak Spanish: If you’ve heard of a language podcast before, it’s probably this. Coffee Break Languages is a podcast series hosted by Radio Lingua. They have tons of language podcasts from Spanish to French to German to Chinese. CoffeeBreak Spanish is an awesome way to enhance your Spanish language learning. Spanish lessons are served in small 15-minute lessons. Listeners learn phrases along with a fellow teacher and student duo. You are given time to respond and repeat phrases you learn. It’s perfect for your lunch break, commute into work, or down time you may have during the day. You can listen to CoffeeBreak Spanish on Spotify for free or check out the series on their website. There are variety of seasons and LEVELS, whether your beginner or advanced, you can find an episode/season that works for you.


A Zero to Hero: Ideal for Beginners or folks who are new to learning Spanish, A Zero to Hero follows Spanish teacher Héctor and Spanish learner, Catriona, on their Spanish language journey. Listen along with them to better understand verb conjugations, parts of the sentences, and how to form complete thoughts in Spanish. Quite literally from zero knowledge of Spanish, Héctor and Catriona guide their listeners into conversational Spanish. You can find the podcast on Spotify, iTunes, or check out this site (click here).


Radio Ambulante: This podcast is definitely for more advanced Spanish speakers. However, exposure to the language (the more you hear it, the better and faster you brain will get used to it), is super important so we encourage learners of all levels to tune into this station. Radio Ambulente is the Spanish segment of NPR. Here, you can get news stories and cultural stories from all across Latin America. Even more, you can follow along and read the transcript of the news segments online. You can find Radio Ambulente on Spotify, iTunes, or at this website (click here).


Discover Spanish: Join Johnny and Christina from Miami, Florida to learn Spanish. These two instructors and language learners work through common interactions or situations you might find yourself in as you travel to a Spanish-speaking country or talk to a Spanish speaker. Listen to real, authentic conversations from native speakers and practice new vocabulary! You can find Discover Spanish on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, or here (click here).


Hoy HablamosThis podcast is completely in Spanish and great for intermediate or more advanced Spanish students. Learn about grammar rules in Spanish, or the difference between sentir and sentar. Hoy Hablamos doesn’t just have grammar and vocabulary podcasts, however, they also offer cultural lessons and stories you can tune into! Check them out on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, or click here to visit their website.


Duolingo: Duolingo is one of the most prolific language learning platforms. They have podcasts, too! Tune in to listen to stories about different Spanish-speaking people and cultures from all around the world. This podcast is ideal for intermediate and more advanced Spanish learners. You can listen on iTunes, Spotify, or visit the website here. 


Habitantes Babbel: Another exceptional podcast for advanced Spanish learners, Habitantes Babbel brings Néstor and Valeria together to teach Spanish. Both speakers have un gran amor for traveling and visiting other countries and they want to encourage their listeners to learn about new cultures and worlds too. Join them on their journey to Spanish language acquisition on Spotify, iTunes, or visit their website here.



Notes in Spanish: This podcast is great for beginners and even includes worksheets, transcripts, and supplemental materials for each lesson. Tune in to learn new vocabulary, practice your pronunciation, and absorb lots of Spanish. You can check them out on iTunes, Spotify, or visit their website here. 



Españolistos: This advanced level podcast is great if you want to learn rich cultural lessons or interesting stories of Latin culture and history. Españolistos interviews local musical artists, chefs, architects, and more to learn about peoples’ different lives and communities. Tune in on iTunes, Spotify, or check out their website here.


Palabras Bravas: Also hosted by Babbel, this intermediate/advanced language podcasts works to give students great and thorough grammar lessons and enables students to use tricky grammar/sentence structure to effectively communicate. Join Paula and David and tune in on Spotify, iTunes, or check out their website here.

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