Top 10 Spanish TV Shows

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One of the best ways to enhance your Spanish language learning in through exposure. The more you are exposed to the language, the better and more quickly you can acquire that language. Watching TV shows isn’t only fun and entertaining, it’s also educational. Check out Boulder Spanish’s top TV show picks for you!



1.  Money Heist or “La casa de papel” This tense heist show in set in modern Spain where an eccentric professor collects of group of specialized individuals to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. Completely in Spanish, this show is not only hugely entertaining because of its brilliant suspense and complex characters, but it’s also a great way to practice your Spain. Beginners should watch with Spanish or English subtitles and Intermediate or Advanced students should watch with Spanish subtitles. Disclaimer: This show does have some violence, profane language, and sexual scenes.

2. Living Undocumented This Netflix Original documentary tells the story of various undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. It shines a light on the harsh environments Spanish-speaking immigrants find upon moving to the U.S. and illuminates the constantly evolving immigration system and policies here in the U.S. This show is primarily in English but has Spanish in it. This is a great show for Beginners or students who are interested in the immigration system and undocumented folks experience here.

3. The House of Flowers or “La casa de flores” This Mexican telenovela is a modern take on a classic genre. Full of drama, complex relationships, affairs, lying, and murder, La casa de flores tells the story of a prominent and affluent family in Mexico who has more secrets than they let on. This show is great for Spanish learners of all levels and should be watched with Spanish subtitles.

4. Los Epookys Check out HBO’s new spooky comedic show created by Fred Armisen, Ana Fabrega, and Julio Torres. A delightful twist of comedy and horror, Los Espookys will entertain and teach in this new Spanish language television series. 

5. El ministerio del tiempo This comedy drama is set in Spain, over different time periods. Enter the world of Spanish royalty, government, secrets, and time travelers. Check out this fun series to learn about life in Spain across time as well as listen to an authentic Spanish accent. You can watch it on Netflix. 

6. La niña Based on a true story, La niña tell the story of a young girl recruited by a Colombian guerrilla armed group. This dramatic series gives us an insight into the lives of children and youths abducted and/or recruited into violent groups at a young age and the perilous transition out of this violence and back into society. Watch it on Netflix.

6. Club de cuervos Produced and created in Mexico, Club de cuervos is the first Spanish-language Netflix original. This drama-comedy tells the story of a rother and sister who fight to own the Cuervos TC football team after their father and Cuervos TC previous owner, dies. Grab your popcorn and sprite and settle in fora a dramatic comedy full of twists and turns and the ultimate power fight between sister and brother!

7. Cable Girls Also on Netflix, this Spanish drama is set in 1920s in Madrid, Spain. We meet four young Spanish women who are entering the workforce in a time when women are just starting to see equality (and barely). Through Cable Girls we get a glimpse into the working lives of Spanish women in a historical era and see their challenges working in a patriarchal society and field as well as maintaining their personal lives. 

8. El internado, or “The Boarding School” is a Spanish drama-thriller that entertains to no end. Packed full of crazy plot twists and mystery, “El internado” does not disappoint fans of traditional telenovelas. Pick up some cool Spanish slang by listening to the teenagers talk and learn new vocabulary in this fun and funny Spainish thriller. 

9. Metástasis If you’re a Breaking Bad fan, turn on your TV for the Colombian version, “Metástasis.” Quite literally the same story and plot line, this Colombian Breaking Bad follows Walter Blanco after he learns he has cancer and resorts to dangerous and illegal practices to make money. This show is great if you already love Breaking Bad because the dialogue is almost word for word!

10. Ingobernable Follow the first lady of Mexico as she navigates the tricky political world on elite Mexican politics. After a terrible accident, Emilia is forced to run until she can prove herself innocent of crimes alleged against her. Learn about Mexican politics and society in this intense drama.

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